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Welcome to BUG-OFF,  Baltimore, MD's premiere Termite Inspection and Termite Control Services since 1975.  Serving Baltimore City and Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Harford and Howard Counties in Maryland.

We offer certified termite inspectors with over 30 years experience you can trust. We care about our customers and are dedicated to giving you the quality termite inspection you expect and the "peace of mind" you deserve.  We provide outstanding value and savings for our customer.  BUG-OFF is your "one-stop-shop" network for  real estate home inspection services, such as termite inspections, termite certificates, termite control, treatments, quality home inspections and more.    

If you are looking to buy a home in Baltimore or surrounding counties and want your home inspected by a highly qualified termite inspector, many savvy homebuyers and successful realtors choose BUG-OFF Termite Inspection Services.

Why Choose BUG-OFF Termite Inspection Services?
  • “Peace of Mind” in knowing the property you are buying has been inspected by our certified termite inspectors with over 30 years experience you can trust. All termite inspectors are not the same; some have minimal training, little or not experience and do inferior inspections! A BUG-OFF inspector can set your mind at ease - giving you less to worry about and more to enjoy!
  • No 15-30 minute "quickie" termite inspection - Guaranteed! Or it's FREE!
  • Save Money! Pre-purchase termite inspections could save you thousands $$$ off the purchase price, if active termites or major structural damage is found during our inspection.
  • Available Evenings, Weekends & Early Morning Hours to accommodate your work schedule..
  • Convenience - Now you can schedule your termite and home inspections all in one trip; saving you time & money!
  • Save Time with our fast response and termite inspection certification reports given to you on site.
  • FREE Home Security System! Call 410-913-1754 now for details & your FREE in-home-estimate. Hurry, limited time offer! Offer subject to change.
  • FREE Professional Tips on Termite Prevention for Your Home learn more, visit our News & Tips page. click here
  • Discount for Life! You will receive our customer "Discount for Life" on any future services.



Vince Cimino, Classic Inspection Services, 443-277-3254.
"Mr. Billups is the most experienced and thorough termite inspector that I have worked with, and so I refer my clients to BUG-OFF for termite inspections."

Robert McGhee, RTM Technologies Unlimited, 202-528-6485
"James is one of the most efficient and professional pest inspectors I have ever met. I would highly recommend any homeowner or home buyer to use his services to ensure the equity in their home is not lost due to termites or other wood-destroying insects. James is very highly recommended and I would not recommend any other pest control company to my customers.

Neal Teitelbaum, American Inspection Group, 410-627-6146.
"BUG-OFF is the only termite inspection company I recommend. Mr. Billups you can trust. He is the most thorough and informative termite inspector I have had the privilege of working with. I have called him on several occasions to check behind other unscrupulous termite companies to do a proper termite inspection for my clients."

Aaron Farrare, Aaron's Home Inspections, 443-572-1055.
"I recommend BUG-OFF for termite inspections and termite treatments. You get quality termite inspections and money-saving recommendations at fair price."

Neil Sweren, Ally-Mac Mortgage, 410-977-8870
"Great termite inspector. I have used Mr. Billups several times to inspect my home for termites and have referred him to many of my clients."

Find out for yourself why BUG-OFF is selected by hundreds of homebuyers and realtors as
"Baltimore's Best Termite Inspection Service."

What Can Termites Do To Your Home?

Termites eat wood from the inside out. In their natural environment, termites eat fallen logs and tree stumps off the forest floor.  But once inside your home, they can eat away the equity you have built up and turn your home into a Termite Buffet!

Fact: Termites infest over 2 million homes annually; causing 5 billion dollar$$$ in property damage.  Unfortunately for homeowners, without annual termite inspections, termites can go  unnoticed for years while they silently eat and  destroy your home from the inside out! 

Fact: Termite damage is found in about 25%of the homes inspected.  That figure rises to over 50% in homes that are more than 20 years old and have not had a recent termite inspection!

 4 Costly Mistakes Every Home Buyer, Home Owner & Investor Should Avoid

#1. Getting a cheap, inferior termite inspection or worse yet, no termite inspection at all.  Buying a home is probably the most expensive investment you will ever make.  This is no time to shop for a cheap termite inspection when you consider the high costs of repairing damage caused by millions of silent, hungry termites that can quickly eat and   demolish your floor joists, floors, window & door frames and major structural supports.

#2. Choosing the wrong termite inspector with    minimal training and little or no experience, who only takes 15-30 minutes to inspect your home.  Do yourself a favor and get the best and most experienced termite inspector you can afford so you can enjoy peace of mind and get the quality termite inspection you deserve.  Making the wrong decision here can end up costing you thousands of dollar$$$in repair bills later.

#3.  Failure to identify and eliminate termite-conducive conditions near your home’s foundation. Excessive moisture, wooden mulch, old landscaping boards, tree stumps & other earth-to-wood contacts act  like magnets to nearby termite colonies.

#4.  Not having an early termite alert and home monitoring protection plan for your home.  Enjoy "peace of mind" and ongoing home protection with our low-cost, long-lasting chemical barrier treatment service.

Don't wait!  Call BUG-OFF now at 410-913-1754
to inspect & monitor your home annually for early signs of termite activity and damage.