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Attention Home Owners: 
Having Your Home Inspected Annually Can Save You Thousands $$$ from Costly & Destructive Termites! 
Termites love homes in Maryland.  No home, new or old, is safe from termite invasion!  Everyone's home in Maryland is in danger of attack by termites!

If you are like most homeowners, you may have no idea if termites are attacking and destroying your home's equity and value until you  ►have a comprehensive termite inspection,  ►see termite swarmers or  ►discover termite damage to your beautiful hardwood floors and more . . . . 

The longer you delay your home's termite inspection and early termite detection, the more damage termites will do and can cost you thousands of dollars in repair bills and lost home equity & value!  Don't take chances with your home, your most valuable asset.  Call 410-913-1754 today to schedule a comprehensive termite inspection for your home.     


Hundreds of Savvy Home Owners CALL BUG-OFF and Enjoy Valuable Savings & Multiple Benefits:
  • Peace of Mind in knowing your home is inspected annually by our certified termite inspectors with 30+ years' experience you can trust.

  • Save Money!  An early termite detection and protection plan for your home could save you thousands $$$ in repair bills and lost home equity & value, year after year.

  • Deter Termites!  We point out conditions around your home that can attract termites and make recommendations to deter them.

  • Low Yearly Termite Detection & Monitoring Fee - Very affordable, now you can enjoy "peace of mind" against costly & destructive termites!

  • FREE  Professional Tips to help keep your home safe from termites.  Visit our News & Tips page to learn more.  Click here.

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