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Welcome to BUG-OFF Home Inspection Services, Baltimore, MD's preferred home inspection company with ASHI certified affiliate home inspectors for over 20 years. 

BUG-OFF Home Inspection Services is a full-service home inspection company providing home inspections, real estate inspections, termite inspection reports, residential property inspections, building inspections, Baltimore County rental property safety inspections, new home builder inspections and environmental testing for mold, radon and lead paint in Baltimore, MD and surrounding counties. 

Home Inspector Qualifications:
  • Maryland Home Inspector License
  • MHIC License, MD 
  • ASHI License, MD & PA

  • Certified Residential Mold Inspector
  • Accredited Lead Paint Inspector
  • Accredited Visual Inspector
  • Maryland Certified Termite Inspector
  • 203 K Certified Inspector
Enjoy Multiple Benefits & Big Savings When You Call BUG-OFF Home Inspection Services:
  • "Peace of Mind" in knowing your home inspection company is a member of the American Association of Home Inspectors (ASHI) for over 20 years.
  • Save You Money.  Home Inspections as low as $225Guaranteed lowest prices or we will match it - period!
  • Save You Time - with our fast response and home inspection and termite inspection reports given to you on site.
  • Availability - We accommodate your work schedule with weekends, evenings and early morning hours.  
  • FREE seasonal home maintenance checklist.  News & Tips on mold & remediation, termite prevention, lead paint testing, radon testing and more . . .  
  • FREE estimates and consultations.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the Baltimore, MD or surrounding counties and need a real estate home inspection by a certified home inspector, then join thousands of satisfied Maryland home buyers and successful realtors - Call BUG-OFF Home Inspection Services at 410-913-1754 now! Email: Jbillupsbugoff@gmail.com.   


       Mold Inspection & Testing
 Why Get a Mold Inspection?
 Have a mold inspection in a home or property to check for evidence of mold and the source of the mold problem.

        What is mold and where is it found?
 Mold is a fungus and it can be found in any area, indoors or outdoors, in climates and locations where there is sufficient      moisture and a food source exists.  That food source is generally cellulose, such as drywall, wallpaper, sheetrock, ceiling  tiles and wood.  Mold growth can often be seen in the form of discoloration, including white, orange, green, brown or black.                                                                                                      

        What can mold do to you and your family?
Mold spores, when inhaled, can cause a range of respiratory health problems such as sinus congestion, hayfever, nose and throat irritation, aggravate asthma, cause aches & pains and other allergies.

How does mold grow?
Molds needs moisture to grow, and a food source such as cellulose (although not much).  Remove the moisture and the mold will dry up.

         What is stachybotrys?
 Stachbotrys is a type of mold that has been associated with health problems
 in people.  It is a greenish-black mold that can grow on materials with high cellulose content, such as drywall, sheetrock,  drop ceiling tiles and wood that become chronically moist or water damaged due to excessive humidity, water leaks, condensation or flooding.                                                                                                         
 How can you tell if stachybotrys is present in your home?
 You must have the mold spores tested to confirm whether or not they are toxic.

         How should mold be cleaned?
 Quickly and thoroughly as soon as it appears. Homes should be visibly inspected regularly for mold growths.  Areas with  moisture should be repaired or replaced to eliminate the moisture.  Thorough cleaning can be effective with small mold  growths.  Commercial mold disposal companies are available for large mold growths.


      **Radon Gas Testing In Maryland 
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING:  Radon causes lung cancer.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Surgeon have recommended that all homes should be tested for radon.  As with a home inspection, if you decide to test for radon, you may do so before signing your contract, or you may do so after signing the contract as long as your contract states the sale of the home depends on your satisfaction with the results of the radon test.  To schedule your radon test, call BUG-OFF at 410-913-1754.

What is Radon?

Radon is an invisible and odorless radioactive gas which occurs naturally from decaying uranium underneath the earth's surface.  You cannot see, smell or taste radon; but it is there and may be a problem in your home or property.  Radon gas can be found all over the United States.  According to the EPA, 1 out of every 15 homes in the United States has high levels of radon gas.  Radon gas contains radioactive particles which get trapped in your lungs every time you breathe.  As the radon gas particles break down, they release bursts of radiation that damage or destroy your lung tissue which causes lung cancer.  Long-term exposure may even cause death.  In fact, the EPA has estimated that radon causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year and that radon gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

How do you find out if you have a radon problem?
You must conduct a test.  The EPA recommends that all home owners test their homes for radon gas.  It is easy and inexpensive.  Radon tests performed by home inspectors cost about $125 - $160.  Detailed information about radon can be found on the EPA website at www.epa.gov/radon/zonemap



      Lead Paint Inspection
 What the Home Buyers & Rental Property Owners Need to Know
Lead is a highly toxic metal that was used for many years in products found in and around homes build in and before 1978.  Lead may cause a range of health issues from behavioral problems and learning disabilities to seizures and death.  Children ages 6 years old and younger are most at risk because their bodies are growing quickly.  The allowable amount of lead in the human body is 0%.  Anything above 0% is considered toxic to humans.  Research suggests that the primary sources of lead exposure for most children are: deteriorating lead-based paint, lead contaminated dust and lead contaminated residential soil.  This is usually caused in children by ingesting or inhalation of lead-based paint products.          

Lead Paint Inspection for Rental Property Owners

The Maryland Department of the Environment runs the State mandated lead paint program.  The law states that any property built before 1950 and is used as a rental property must meet one of the inspection standards and have a lead paint certificate.  Below are several different types of lead paint certificates that can be obtained to satisfy the MDE requirement and that most landlords must acquire:

  •          Visual Inspection                                     
  •          Limited Lead-Free Inspection
  •          Full Risk Reduction Inspection
  •          Lead-Free Inspection                                                                     

           For more details go to www.epa.gov/lend/index

 What Every Home Buyer Needs to Know
The home you are about to purchase could be infested with subterranean termites and have major structural damage caused by termites or other wood-destroying insects. 
FACT:  Termite damage is found in about 25% of the homes inspected.  That figure rises to about 50% in homes that are more than 20 years old and have not had a recent termite inspection. 
Find out before you buy with BUG-OFF's Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection.  Call 410-913-1754 now to schedule a Termite Inspection.

Maryland is home to many active and hardy subterranean termite colonies.  Termites thrive on the moist, warm climate, wood frame homes and mulch that most home owners use in their flower beds.  Home owners should have a termite inspection performed by a licensed termite inspection company every year.  It's better to be safe than sorry!  For your home's protection and your on-going "peace of mind", get an annual termite inspection! 
Call 410-913-1754 now to schedule a termite inspection.

       Baltimore County Rental Inspections
 In December 2007, Baltimore County passed a law requiring landlords to register their rental properties and have them       licensed.  By July 1, 2008, all rental properties of 6 units or less must be registered with the county and have passed an inspection by a licensed home inspector.  Our affilliate home inspection companies offer this service to landlords on a per unit basis at competitive prices.

         We urge all landlords to read and understand the Baltimore County Rental Licensing Requirements prior to the inspection to  prevent the need and expense of a re-inspection.  To facilitate the inspection, all items to be inspected should be easily  accessible at the time of the inspection.

          The inspection includes the following items:

  •        Carbon monoxide detectors
  •         Smoke detectors
  •         Proper operation and ventilation of furnace, water heater, washer & dryer (if installed)
  •         Electrical system
  •         Plumbing system
  •         Secondary means of escape from sleeping areas
  •         Windows are operational
  •         Proper railings on interior & exterior steps
  •         No readily observable health or safety hazards

          Call BUG-OFF at 410-913-1754 now to schedule your inspection.