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Termite Control - Baltimore, MD



Are Termites Eating Away Your Home's Equity?
. . . and turning Your Home Into a Termite Buffet!


Termite Infestation & Damage is on the Rise! Is Your Home Protected?

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Termites love homes in Baltimore MD.  Everybody's home in Maryland is subject to attack by termites. 
If you are like most homeowners, you may have no idea if termites are attacking your home until
you have a termite inspection, see termite swarmers or termite damage. 
Don't let termites destroy the equity you have built up in your home and turn your home into a termite buffet!

Call BUG-OFF today for a comprehensive termite inspection of your home and get a FREE price quote for termite control or termite protection treatment for your home. 

Call  410-913-1754 NOW

Discover how having BUG-OFF's early termite detection and protection plan for your home can save you thousands of dollars in equity, year after year.
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Vince Cimino, Classic Inspection Services, 443-277-3254.
"Mr. Billups is the most experienced and thorough termite inspector that I have worked with, and so I refer my clients to BUG-OFF for termite inspections." June 2008
Neal Teitelbaum, American Inspection Group, 410-627-6146.
"BUG-OFF is the only termite inspection company I recommend.  Mr. Billups you can trust.  He is the most thorough and informative termite inspector I have had the privilege of working with.  I have called him on several occasions to check behind other unscrupulous termite companies to do a proper termite inspection for my clients." Nov 2007
Aaron Farrare, Aaron's Home Inspections, 443-572-1055.
"I recommend BUG-OFF for termite inspections and termite treatments.  You get quality termite inspections, superior service and money-saving recommendations at a great price." Oct 2008
  For fast, free estimates, Call 410-913-1754 now!    Or email:  jbillupsbugoff@gmail.com