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BUG-OFF Termite Inspection Services
Randallstown, MD 21133
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Testimonials for BUG-OFF - Baltimore's Premier Termite Inpection Service

Vince Cimino, Classic Inspection Services, 443-277-3254
"I highly recommend Bug-Off for termite inspections.  Mr. Billups is honest and is the most thorough termite inspector I have had the privilege of working with.  I refer Mr. Billups whenever my clients call me and need a termite inspection."  


华府房屋检查 MD/VA/DC 电话: 240-784-6645

我高度推荐错误关闭时白蚁检查服务的置业要求,需要一个白蚁检查。 billups先生拥有超过30年的经验和培训。 他爽快地提供了有助于咨询,置业人士在如何保持家居安全从白蚁,这可能会导致重大伤害和巨大维修条例草案。

Wenwei Yao, Inspeck Home Inspections, 240-784-6645,  www.inspekhomeinspection.com 
"I highly recommend BUG-OFF Termite Inspection Service when a homebuyer calls and needs a termite inspection.  Mr. Billups has over 30 years of experience and training.  He readily provides helpful advice to homebuyers on how to keep their home safe from termites which can cause major damage and huge repair bills."

Chris Wittstadt, Baltimore Home Specs, 443-250-2095
"I recommend Bug-Off Termite Services.  You get quality termite inspections, on time and money-saving recommendations at a fair price."

Neal Teitelbaum, American Inspection Group, 410-627-6146
“Mr. Billups is a professional who loves to educate his clients on the current or potential threats of any wood destroying insects. He will give you a quote to treat any infestation that is generally better than his competitors. He is always honest and the most thorough termite inspector I have had the privilege of working with. I highly recommend his service. Integrity at work.”

Harriete Jones, home owner
"I am so pleased that I hired Bug-Off to do the termite inspection for the home I was buying. The service was excellent! As a first time home buyer, I did not know what to expect and wanted to make a good choice in a home.  The technician Mr. Billups arrived on time and went about his work in a professional and knowledgeable manner, being meticulous and thorough as he inspected the entire house from top to bottom.  He even took time to walk me around the outside of the house and pointed out conditions that could attract termites such as wooden mulch, old landscaping boards and tree stumps. He gave me specific preventive tips to minimize termite infestation to my home. I firmly believe that Bug-Off is the absolute best termite company you could hire to inspect your home.  Mr. Billups gets my enthusiastic recommendation!"

Robert McGhee, RTM Technologies Unlimited, 202-528-6485
"James is one of the most efficient and professional pest inspectors I have ever met. I would highly recommend any homeowner or home buyer to use his services to ensure the equity in their home is not lost due to termites or other wood-destroying insects.  James is very highly recommended and I would not recommend any other pest control company to my customers.  Year first hired:  2008 (hired more than once).     Top qualities:  Great results, expert, high integrity." 

Neil Sweren, Southern Trust Mortgage, 443-738-9121
Great termite inspector.   I have used Mr. Billups several times to inspect my home for termites and have referred him to many of my clients." 

Aaron Farrare, Aaron's Home Inspections, 443-572-1055
"I recommend BUG-OFF for termite inspection and termite treatments.  You get quality termite inspections, on time and money-saving recommendations at a fair price." 

Greg Moses, ReMax 1st Advantage Realty, 410-419-0218 
"I hired Mr. Billups for termite inspection and treatment, and have recommended his service to all my clients and colleagues.  He educates the buyer and arms them with the knowledge to protect one of their largest investments.  He is also one of the only pest control companies that expresses the importance of having an annual termite inspection as a early warning detection system.  This is common knowledge in other regions of our country and should be in this area, as well, because we live in a high-termite-density region of the National Termite Belt.  Treatments are costly, but if termites go undetected and untreated they will certainly become that much more expensive.  Because I'm aware of this, I seem to pay more attention when I read the local news paper or local real estate articles where someone's home was condemned or had serious damaged due to termites.   Most home insurances do not cover any form of termite treatment and remediation this is why it is critical to have an annual termite insprection." 

Valerie Gavins-Parker, Clutter Jeannie Home Organizing Solutions,
clutterjeannie@yahoo.com, 410-484-6504
"James Billups of BUG-OFF Termite Inspection Services inspected my newly purchased home for termites and showed me some damage that termites had caused.  I now have James do a yearly comprehensive termite inspection of my home to check for any new signs of active termite infestation or damage to my home.  Thanks again James for your superior work and your preventive termite recommendation tips."